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Add Firelands FCU to your Mobile Wallet

Have you ever gone to a store and realized you left your wallet at home? If so, that’s okay. It happens from time to time. However, now you can have a backup plan by adding your Firelands FCU debit or credit card to your smartphone’s mobile wallet!
What is a mobile wallet?
A mobile wallet is a virtual way to store payment card information on a mobile device, so purchases can be made using that smart device rather than a physical card. This means that when using a mobile wallet, you can have an alternative payment option whenever you have your smartphone.
How does a mobile wallet work?
It’s simple! When you see a payment reader with the contactless symbol, open the mobile wallet app on your phone, select the card you want to use, and then hold your phone above the payment reader. Your phone will notify you instantly when the purchase is approved.
Why is a mobile wallet useful?
• It’s convenient! Our phones are always with us, so using a mobile wallet potentially removes the need to carry a physical wallet or purse and the stress of shuffling through a pile of cards at checkout.
• It saves time! Mobile wallets are often much quicker than inserting a chip into a payment reader, helping to reduce lines and overall wait times.
• It reduces health risks! Since mobile wallets are contactless payment
methods, you won’t have to touch a keypad preventing contact with any germs that live on payment surfaces.
• It’s safe and secure! Mobile wallets offer better security than swiping your cards, as they utilize a Device Account Number (DAN) for transactions in place of your actual card number. If a thief accesses the DAN, it will be useless for them, and your accounts will remain untouched.
How do I get my wallet app?
Most smartphones today come with wallet apps preloaded. Specifically, Apple devices utilize the “Wallet” app, Android phones offer “Google Pay,” and Samsung phones have “Samsung Pay.”
How do I set up my mobile wallet?
The setup is super easy! Just launch your wallet app, take a photo of your card or enter its information, and follow the step-by-step
Be sure to take advantage of this convenient Firelands FCU member perk!
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