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Soldier's Information

  • OK Soldier's Name is required
  • OK Rank is required
  • OK Social Security Number is required
  • OK Home Address is required
  • OK City is required
  • OK State is required
  • OK Zip is required
  • OK How, when, and by whom were you notified of your Soldier's injury? is required
  • OK Current location of soldier is required
  • Optional OK Point of contact for soldier (if known) is required
  • OK Phone Number is required
  • OK Email is required
  • OK Commander's Name is required
  • Optional OK Commander's Email is required
  • OK Amount Requested is required
  • OK How will the money be used? is required

Applicant/Representative Information

  • OK Name is required
  • OK Email is required
  • OK Relationship to Soldier is required
  • OK Home Phone is required
  • Optional OK Cell Phone is required
  • OK Address is required
  • OK City is required
  • OK State is required
  • OK Zip is required


  • Optional OK is required

Security Code

  • OK is required
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"Megan M. was excellent to work with. She took her time and explained all the benefits of opening the accounts both personal and business. She answered all my questions I had plus some! Great experience and I love having a bank so close to my house!"


"They are eager to help any way they can, friendly, clean bank, and almost always greet you with kindness and a smile. I like the fact they try very hard to help with loans as well as anything else. Seldom do we have to wait in line more than 5 minutes to be helped."


"Never had any problems, friendly and nice people, fast service, very helpful."


"Cause it's the kind of banking that you would like to do. The bank tellers are real friendly they're very helpful!"


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