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Please note: If you've already signed up for Fireline at one of our branches, and have your initial password, you do not need to fill out this form.  Instead, you must enroll in MFA by clicking here before attempting to sign in.

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  1. That I will not disclose my password (PIN) or otherwise make it available to anyone not authorized to sign on my account.
  2. The Credit Union may terminate this agreement and use of Fireline if:
    1. I or any authorized user of my password (PIN) breach this or any other agreement I have with Firelands Federal Credit Union,
    2. The Credit Union has reason to believe that there has been unauthorized use of my password (PIN),
    3. I or any joint owner on my account notify the Credit Union that this agreement has been canceled.
    4. The Credit Union may terminate this agreement upon 30 days notice.
  3. I understand that all terms and conditions associated with my savings and share accounts, checking accounts, or loan accounts that are affected or accessed by Fireline are incorporated by this reference.
  4. Firelands Federal Credit Union reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this agreement and I will be notified of such changes.
  5. It is agreed and understood that this service, done wholly for my benefit, that said Firelands Federal Credit Union hereby assumes no responsibility or obligation, and that I agree to hold Firelands Federal Credit Union harmless from any and all actions caused in the event of unauthorized use of my password (PIN).

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