Credit Cards

Classic MasterCard® with Bonus Points Rewards

Secured MasterCard® with Bonus Points Rewards

Score Card® Bonus Points

Use your cFirelands Federal Credit Union MasterCard Credit Cardredit card for everyday life! Purchase groceries, concert tickets or a last minute gift for a friend. So, while you're busy taking care of your life, ScoreCard is taking care of you! For every qualifying purchase made using your credit card, you earn valuable Bonus Points that can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise rewards, statement credits, rental cars, airline tickets, hotel stays & more! $1.00 spent equals 1 point earned.*

Take a look at the ScoreCard rewards website at You'll be amazed by all the options that are available!

Travel Accident Insurance

You, your spouse and dependent children are automatically covered with common carrier travel accident insurance every time you travel by air, bus, train, ship, taxi or any other common carrier anywhere in the world when you charge your entire fare to our card. This coverage is provided to you at no extra cost.


Access to eZCardinfo allows you to make credit card payments, transfer balances, request alerts, track spending, sign up for paperless statements and much more! Click the link above to enroll now. Fireline users have single sign-on access to eZCardInfo by clicking the link in Fireline - no need to remember another password!

Report a lost or stolen credit card by calling 1-866-604-0381.

*Qualified purchases do not include cash advances, convenience checks or returns.

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