Fraud Alerts

Debit Card Phone Calls
July 24, 2015
We have received several reports of automated phone calls going out to our members (and non-members) stating that their Debit Cards have been deactivated and to provide the card information to reactivate it. These are scam phone calls and are not coming from the Credit Union. DO NOT provide your card information if you receive one of these calls. If you have already provided card information, please contact the Credit Union immediately at 1-800-276-5775, ext. 2050.

Phishing Phone Calls
November 24, 2014
A few members have called to let us know they received a voicemail saying their "card has been put on hold...", then they're given a phone number to call back. When they called the number back they were asked for their card number, expiration date and three-digit code on the back.

If you receive one of these calls, DO NOT provide any information! These calls are phishing for details about you and your accounts. If you have already provided details after receiving this call, please contact the credit union so that we can take steps to protect your accounts. Always remember that Firelands FCU will never contact you by phone or email to request personal account information from you.

Home Depot Data Breach
September 9, 2014 
If you used your Firelands FCU debit or credit cards at Home Depot from April 1, 2014 through September 8, 2014, please keep an eye on your accounts for any unauthorized activity. Contact the credit union immediately if you find anything suspicious. Remember, there is zero liability for unauthorized charges if you report them to the credit union. More details about the breach are available on Home Depot's website.

**UPDATE**  Members that used a Firelands FCU debit or credit card at The Home Depot during the above listed dates will be receiving new cards shortly. The new card will have the same card number on the front. However, the SECURITY CODE on the back of the card and the EXPIRATION DATE will be DIFFERENT from the old card -preventing unauthorized use.


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