About Us

Firelands Federal Credit Union had its humble beginnings at the railroad in 1955, when seven Nickel Plate employees joined together to form a financial savings club. Each of them put in $5-$10 and they applied for a charter from the federal government. Chartered in 1957, Firelands Federal Credit Union presently serves over 28,000 members. During its first 15 years, the credit union was open only to railroad employees, but in 1970, opened its membership to include anyone who lives or works in the community.

Because the members own the credit union, the earnings on the credit union's business activities are returned to the member-owner in the form of higher earnings on savings, lower rates on loans and a wide range of related financial services at the lowest possible cost.

Financial Status

For The Period Ending: September 30, 2014
TOTAL LOANS 162,331,943.05
TOTAL INVESTMENTS   47,958,606.90
TOTAL ASSETS 232,163,172.02
TOTAL REG SHARES 128,916,744.92
TOTAL CERTIFICATES   55,498,458.59
TOTAL ALL SHARES 203,783,711.30
MEMBERS 28,5694


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